Cutting & Shearing

Cutting & Shearing

The cutting tools used in the most diverse sectors of the industry need a good finishing at the cutting edge as well as the high dimensional and geometric rigor. The use of special technical coatings allows in some applications to increase the service life up to 3 times.

The optimum selection of the hard metal grade suitable for the application is ensured to ensure a longer tool life and service life, and specific special coatings can be applied.

Dimensional tolerances of ± 0.005mm and surface finishes with Ra≥0.06 are guaranteed.

Cutting Cutlery

Cutting blades are widely used in the cold stamping industry and require a good finish at the cutting edge as well as high dimensional and geometric rigor.

Cutting Matrices

Steel or steel / carbide cutting dies are used in a variety of industries, such as the stamping industry, and require a good cutting edge finish, as well as high dimensional and geometric rigor.

According to the experience and technology of Sermocol we advise:

  1.  Selection of steel with mechanical properties suitable for the application to the carcass and suitable section of special grades of carbide for a specific application. Implementation of air / oil outlets in parts to reduce internal pressure;
  2.  Finishing: Polished before and after coating;
  3.  Mounting: to ensure dimensional tolerances of 0.01 mm, assembly and execution and are guaranteed by Sermocol;


To find out more about these products or to clarify any doubts, please contact us. We will be brief in our response!

Sermocol began its activity in 1978. More than 40 years of experience allow us to be a complete supplier when it comes to the production of steel or carbide tools.





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